Celebrating 10 Years of KRC

February 2017



When I started my review website January 1, 2007, I wanted to be able to share my love for reading. I had worked in a bookstore and was a pro at suggestive selling - "if you like this, then maybe you'll like that."

And that is my philosophy for Kathy's Review Corner. I only post positive reviews (if I don't like a book, a review is not posted here). My hope is that as visitors come and wander through my reviews, if they find we have similar tastes, then they might be able to find new authors and books to read.

Now for KRC's 10th Anniversary, I am going to start in February, recognizing all of my previous Gems. Then, for March through December, each month I will reveal a 10 Year Gem Winner.

If you are not already a member of my newsletter, please consider joining my announcements group. Although there is no prize for February, there will be some throughout the year (and beyond!).




KRC 2007 Gems

Hero Branden Kel-Paten in Linnea Sinclair's Games of Command

Lori Foster & Dianne Castell's Reader Author Get-Together 2007

Susan Grant - Otherworldly Men series

Karen Rose Smith - The Bracelet

Rebecca Goings - Wolverine Series

Nalini Singh - Psy-Changeling series

Dani Harper - Heart of the Winter Wolf

Rene Lyons - Setheus

Cherry Adair - White Heat

Arianna Hart - Devil's Playground

Christine Feehan - (FINALLY - Jonas & Hannah's story) Safe Harbor

Sharon Long - Beyond the Night

Sharon Long - Her Majesty, My Love

Buffi BeCraft-Woodall - Making Tracks

Catherine Kean - One Knight to Cherish

Stacy Dawn - Christmas on Parole

Stacy Dawn - Reindeer Games

Autumn Dawn - Interstellar Lover

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime - The Vampire Next Door

Elaine Corvidae - Nocturne


KRC 2008 Gems

Lori Foster & Dianne Castell's Reader Author Get-Together 2008

The Power of Love Anthology - The Power of Love Anthology

Tracey Devlyn - His Secret Desire

Jerri Drennen's - Aztec Security Series

Rebecca Goings - High Noon

Susan Grant - Moonstruck

Cindy K. Green - Meeting Mr. Right Online

Jacquie Greenfield - Colorado Pickup Man

Arianna Hart - Leap of Faith

Lorraine Heath - In Bed with the Devil

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Acheron

Lynn Kurland - Nine Kingdoms Series

Marly Mathews - Doorway to the Stars

Janice Maynard - The Girl Next Door

Donna Michaels - Meet Your Mate

Donna Michaels - Dr. Gnome (#1 in 00 Fang series)

Aleka Nakis - The Summer Deal

Julia Quinn - Two Dukes of Wyndham Series

J T Schultz - High Stakes

Linnea Sinclair - Dock 5/Gabriel's Ghost Series

Linnea Sinclair - Hope's Folly

Nalini Singh - Mine to Possess

Shannon Stacey - Becoming Miss Becky


KRC 2009 Gems

Lori Foster & Dianne Castell's Reader Author Get-Together 2009

Tails of Love Anthology - Tails of Love Anthology

Ilona Andrews - Magic Mourns

Dianne Castell - Hot and Irresistible

Ann Christopher - Atticus Saves Lisa

Beth Cornelison - Healing Luke

Autumn Dawn's - Spark Series

Autumn Dawn - Ride The Stars

Stacy Dawn- A Cinderella Christmas

Christina Dodd's - The Chosen Ones Series

Georgia Evans's - Brytewood Trilogy

Christine Feehan's - Leopard Series

Lori Foster's - SBC Fighter Series

Lori Foster - Man's Best Friend

Shelley Galloway - Mommy In Training

Susan Grant - The Warlord's Daughter

Karen Kelley - How To Seduce a Texan

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Born of Night

Lynn Kurland - Princess of the Sword

Catherine Mann's - Dark Ops Series

Deirdre Martin's - Wild Hart Saga

Marly Mathews - Do Or Die

Erin McCarthy's - Fast Track Series

Erin McCarthy's - Cover for Flat Out Sexy

Sarah McCarty - Danny's Dog

Kathy Otten - A Chirstmas Smile

Andrea Picken's - Merlin's Maidens Series

Julia Quinn - What Happens in London

Kara Lynn Russell's - Orchard Hill Series

Kara Lynn Russell - Keeping Faith

Lynsay Sands - The Renegade Hunter

Linnea Sinclair - Rebels and Lovers

Nalini Singh's - Guild Hunter Series

Nalini Singh - Beat of Temptation

Nalini Singh - Branded By Fire

Sheridon Smythe - Hero For Hire

Shiloh Walker - Fragile

J. R. Ward - The Story of Son



KRC 2010 Gems

Lori Foster & Dianne Castell's Reader Author Get-Together 2010

The Gift of Love Anthology - The Gift of Love Anthology

Romantic Times 2010 (Columbus, Oh)

RomCon 2010 (Denver, Co)

Elisa Adams - Death Becomes Me

Meljean Brook - Here There Be Monsters

Ann Christopher - Atticus Gets a Mommy

Pamela Clare - Extreme Exposure

Autumn Dawn - Iron & Hemlock

Gia Dawn - A Fairy Precious Love

Christine Feehan - Wild Fire

Lori Foster - Back in Black

Cindy K. Green - Snow Kissed

Lorraine Heath - Midnight Pleasures With a Scoundrel

Sabrina Jeffries' - Hellions of Halstead Hall Series

Karen Kelley's - The Symtarians Series

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Born of Fire

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Infinity

Sherrilyn Kenyon with Dianna Love - Silent Truth

Lynn Kurland - A Tapestry of Spells

Lucy Monroe's - Greek Tycoons Duo

Cindy Spencer Pape - Motor City Fae

Kara Lynn Russell - - Prodigal Father

Linnea Sinclair - Courting Trouble

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Kiss

Nalini Singh - Play Of Passion

Anne Stuart - Night of the Phantom



KRC 2011 Gems

Lori Foster & Dianne Castell's Reader Author Get-Together 2011

Promise of Love Anthology - The Promise of Love Anthology

Romantic Times 2011 (LA)

Pamela Clare - Breaking Point

Sylvia Day - Razor's Edge

Kate Douglas - Dime Store Cowboy

Lori Foster - Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series

Lori Foster - Shelter From the Storm

Susan Grant - The Last Warrior

Jacquie Greenfield - Colorado Pride

Dani Harper - Changeling Moon

Sherrilyn Kenyon - No Mercy

Cindy Spencer Pape - Motor City Witch

Cindy Spencer Pape - Motor City Wolf

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Blade



KRC 2012 Gems

Lori Foster & Dianne Castell's Reader Author Get-Together 2012

Love Bites Anthology

Romantic Times 2012 (Chicago)

SEAL of My Dreams Anthology

Becky Barker - Stowaway

Kristen Callihan - Firelight

Tracey Devlyn - A Lady's Revenge

Ellen Fisher - Seeing Spots

Lori Foster - Love Unleashed

Dani Harper - Changeling Dawn

Thea Harrison - Dragon Bound

Sabrina Jeffries - A Lady Never Surrenders

Leslie Kelly - Wrapped and SEALed

Sherrilyn Kenyon - The Guardian

Erin Knightley - More Than a Stranger

Erin Knightley - Sealed With a Kiss series

Jo Leigh - Not Waving But Drowning

Elaine Levine - Edge of Courage

Gennita Low - Her Secret Pirate

Catherine Mann - Dog Tags

Janet Miller - The Girl In the Box

Lucy Monroe - Heart of a Desert Warrior

Cindy Spencer Pape - Gaslight Chronicles

Cindy Spencer Pape - Motor City Mage

Cindy Spencer Pape - Wrong Side Of Town

Christie Ridgway - Signed, SEALed, Delivered... I'm Yours

Barbara Samuel - Dog Heart

Lynsay Sands - Vampire, Interrupted

Linnea Sinclair - Seven Months Of Forever

Nalini Singh - Angels' Dance

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Storm



KRC 2013 Gems

Reader Author Get-Together 2013

Animal Attraction Anthology

Romantic Times 2013 (Kansas City)

Vivian Arend - High Risk

Heidi Betts - Gimme Shelter

Pamela Clare - Striking Distance

Cat Devon - Entity series

Lori Foster - Buckhorn Ever After

Lori Foster - Getting Rowdy

Sabrina Jeffries - What the Duke Desires

Stacey Kade - The Ghost and the Goth

Stacey Kade - The Ghost and the Goth series

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Styxx

Erin Knightley - Flirting With Fortune

Elaine Levine - Shattered Valor

Elaine Levine - Honor Unraveled

Becke Martin - Silver and Gold

Becke Martin - Triple Trouble on Christmas Eve

Catherine Mann - Free Fall

Catherine Mann - Alpha Brotherhood series

Deirdre Martin - Hip Check

Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Connie Brockway - The Lady Most Willing

Lynsay Sands - Under A Vampire Moon

Linnea Sinclair - Mission: Nam Selan (story with Kel-Paten!)

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Legion

Nalini Singh - Heart of Obsidian

Nalini Singh - Texture of Itimacy



KRC 2014 Gems

Reader Author Get-Together 2014

Romantic Times 2014 (New Orleans)

Donna Alward - The Texan's Baby

Cat Devon - Love Your Entity

Elizabeth Essex - The Scandal Before Christmas

Lori Foster - Back to Buckhorn

Lori Foster - No Limits

Sabrina Jeffries - How the Scoundrel Seduces

Erin Knightley - The Baron Next Door

Erin Knightley - Ruined By A Rake

Melissa Landers - Alienated

Elaine Levine - Kit & Ivy

Catherine Mann - One Good Cowboy

Cindy Spencer Pape - Cards & Caravans

Cheryl St. John - Her Colorado Man

Lynsay Sands - One Lucky Vampire

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Shadows

Nalini Singh - Shield of Winter



KRC 2015 Gems

Reader Author Get-Together 2015

Romantic Times 2015 (Dallas)

Sonali Dev - The Bollywood Bride

Cary Elwes with Joe Layden - As You Wish

Lori Foster - Buckhorn Summer

Beth Honeycutt - What Dreams May Come

Debra Jess - Blood Surfer

Carla Kelly - The Lasting Gift

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Born of Fury

Erin Knightley - The Earl I Adore

Alanna Lucas - When We Dance

Catherine Mann - In Plain Sight

Catherine Mann - Pursued By the Rich Rancher

Eileen Richards - An Unexpected Wish

Kate SeRine - Torn

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Enigma

Nalini Singh - Shards Of Hope

Rebecca Thomas - The Earl's Christmas Colt

Paige Tyler's SWAT: Special Alpha Team Series

Paige Tyler - Wolf Trouble

Tina Wainscott - Beauty and the Marine



KRC 2016 Gems

Reader Author Get-Together 2016

Cara Bristol - Spark of Attraction

Anna Campbell - A Match Made in Mistletoe

Anna Campbell - A Pirate for Christmas

Pamela Clare - Dead By Midnight

Cat Devon - Tall, Dark and Immortal

Lori Foster - Buckhorn Bachelor

Sabrina Jeffries - If the Viscount Falls

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Born of Legend

Erin Knightley - The Viscount Risks It All

Regina Scott - Instant Frontier Family

Nalini Singh - Allegiance of Honor

Nalini Singh - Echo of Silence

Nalini Singh - Wild Embrace Anthology

Cheryl St. John - Want Ad Wedding

Paige Tyler's X-Ops Series

Paige Tyler - Her Lone Wolf

Paige Tyler - Her Wild Hero

Paige Tyler - To Love a Wolf

Shiloh Walker's McKay Series






I truly enjoy sharing my love of reading. This site was started to allow me to share some of my favorite books. I hope that if you look around and find that you agree with some of my selections (see my reviews), that you will return and hopefully find new authors. I plan on having periodic "Recommended Reads" lists that will include books I recommend, as well as suggestions by visitors to this site. I will also keep you up-to-date on different upcoming events, special offers, etc.

As you look around, I'm still learning my way around HTML, etc. If you see any errors, typos, please e-mail me.

My Personal Disclaimer

Boy Meets Girl, They Fall in Love, and the two of them live Happily Ever After. This is the content for any book I believe is a true Romance Genre novel. The books that I recommend, or have reviews posted for will follow that format, unless I note otherwise. Granted we may know the outcome of a Romance Genre Novel, but it is the journey the characters take that is the reason we read these books. The Happily Ever After doesn't mean they're all vampires... Just means that the future is open to them, even if it is set 500 years in the past - we don't need to know their final chapter in life. At times I have have Recommend Reads by visitors to this site - I cannot guarantee that they meet my criteria for a Romance Genre Novel.