Silent Truth

BAD Series - Book 8

By Sherrilyn Kenyon with Dianna Love

Pocket Books - May 2010

Romantic Suspense

He was the one none of the other agents could stand. Hunter Thornton-Payne could deal with that. He kept everyone at arm's length. Only one BAD partner had ever gotten close. He was on a mission nobody else needed to know about. One that he was always ready for, even when he was in the middle of an assignment and enmeshed in lies and deception.

Abbie Blanton needed to know the truth. After her mother visited a medical center, her health had deteriorated and her life was at risk. Nobody was giving her answers, and Abbie needed them, fast. As a reporter, she knew how to get what she needed, and she needed to attend a society event.

From the moment Hunter sees Abbie, he is drawn to her, but he cannot allow his concentration to break. Suddenly, Abbie is in the middle of his investigation, and her life is at risk. He knows what he should do, but against his better judgment, he listens to her. Abbie is somehow involved, and he needs to figure out what she knows. Lives are at stake, time is short, and passions are flaring. Hunter and Abbie need to learn how to work together to solve the case, and maybe have a future together.

Silent Truth is an explosive read with romance, mystery and suspense. Hunter is the BAD agent everyone has loved to hate. The truth behind Hunter's personality and his comments is revealed, and by the end of this book, every reader will simply adore him. Abbie is the perfect heroine for Hunter, pushing him to heal from his past. Although the primary mystery is contained in this story, there is a continuing mystery that has been growing through several books.

Kathy Andrico -

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