Other Fun Stuff

This page includes links that are not related to Romance Genre Books. I love sharing information in general. Hopefully you'll find some of this useful!

Sunriser - KRC Mascot

Sunriser passed in March 2008. This page has a little info on his experiences with Feline Lymphoma and his chemo treatments.

Sunriser - KRC Mascot


Star Wars

The BEST Saga Ever!

Do you like to read the Star Wars books but aren't sure what book is when? There is a Star Wars Timeline on the Random House website.

Star Wars Novels Timeline


TV Series

Everyone knows of Survivor, the 3 CSIs, etc, but here are some of my other favorites:

Major Crimes - Followup to The Closer

The Librarians - Librarians of Magical Items

Marvel's Agent Carter - Post-WWII Secret Agent

Psych - The fake psychic detective

Eureka - Where it's cool to be smart

Drive Thru History - The best history series I've ever seen.

The Tower - Fascinating mini-history series about the Tower of London - Current and Past


On Creating a Website

I was lucky to find someone who helped me greatly by starting the files for this website. Now I am teaching myself additional tricks. Once great trick is how to change your font

HTML Goodies - Color Code