Sunriser 1991-2008 (KRC Mascot)

He absolutely loved sleeping on my robe.

Treated for Feline Lymphoma from 12/05 thru 3/08.

Yes, this is the kitty in my header and on my banner. He was diagnosed with feline lymphoma in Dec. 2005. I have this page to simply relay Sunriser and my experiences during his treatments in case anyone else is looking for information. I am in no way a medical expert, a vet, or very knowledgeable in medicine. (Disclaimer - I could easily have misunderstood some issues)

In the fall of 2005, I noticed that Sunriser was having discolored stool and was vomiting more than normal (ok - he had always been a bit of a barfy cat.) The vet had us try different medicine, then we noticed that his eyes were fully dilated. At this point, our vet suggested we take him to the specialists.

They found what they thought was a tumor. I thought it would be a simple procedure to remove it. Unfortunately, they discovered that he did not have a removable tumor. Instead, his lymph nodes were enlarged as to look like a tumor, plus the cancer had spread to his stomach, intestines and liver. The information I found online said that with treatments, he'd be dead in 4-6 months, without, 30 days. I was devastated. Here he was very weak after a surgery that, in my opinion at that time, had accomplished nothing more than make the end of his life miserable.

I was not going to do the chemo, he was a timid cat who I didn't want to have hooked up to IV chemo for hours, or have terrible side effects. However, I ended up going and speaking to the vet, and decided to do treatments. The IV chemo, which we did for several months, lasted only about 5 minutes each visit. Then we moved to a pill chemo. We would use one type of chemo, then when it stopped working, we would try another.

There were no side effects. He became healthy and alert. I am thrilled that I chose to follow this course. However, I do want to make a couple comments. This is not necessarily the right option for every person/situation/cat. For one thing, it would depend on the cat's disposition. Sunriser was very good at taking pills (3-6 a day). He also wasn't aggressive, so the vet visits went smoothly (they all adored him there). I won't lie - this was also a very expensive option. I cannot say for any other person and cat whether it would be the right choice. I only know that for me and Sunriser, it was.

My sole purpose of this page is for anyone else who might find themselves in a similar postion I found myself in back in 2005, to be able to learn about one cat's journey.