In Bed With The Devil

The Scoundrels of St. James Series - Book 1

By Lorraine Heath

Avon - July 2008

Historical Romance

He may hold the title of Earl of Claybourne, but that was not how people referred to Lucian Langdon. Murderer, scoundrel, fraud. Only the man who had found him and called him grandson believed that Luke was truly the lost earl. Luke, however, knew it all to be a lie. He knew that he had tricked the old gent into believing Luke was his grandson.

But he never lied about being a murderer.

Lady Catherine Mabry knew that there was only one person who could help her. She needed a man to be killed, and that it would take a murderer to once again commit murder. However his price was not anything she could have anticipated. Luke had chosen his childhood friend Frannie to be his wife. He wanted Catherine to train her society's ways. In return, he would accept Catherine's request.

It was a request that would lead Luke to unexpected discoveries and dangers. He suspected someone wanted him dead, but that wouldn't be a surprise. Learning that Catherine may be in danger affected him in unexpected ways. In fact, it should have been Frannie uppermost in his mind. Instead it was the willful, headstrong Catherine who haunted him, day and night.

In Bed with the Devil is yet another classic Lorraine Heath romance. She develops such a complexity of characters, their relationships, and the traumatic histories they each have. They are all unique, but inexorably tied to one another. I have been a fan of Lorraine Heath's from the beginning and would follow her writing almost anywhere. I impatiently await not only the next story, but to find out whose story it will be.

Kathy Andrico -