Wild Fire

Leopard Series - Book 4

By Christine Feehan

Jove - May 2010

Paranormal Romance

Conner Vega returned to Panama as part of a team. They had been contacted for a dangerous mission. He embraced the wild leopard part of him the moment he arrived. He needed the strength and cunning of his other half to sustain him on their assignment. He alone had nothing to lose. His actions had shattered what had been perfect. He had deceived his mate, and he would not allow anyone else to lose that part of their soul he knew was gone from him forever.

Isabeau Chandler's innocence had been torn apart in one violent moment. Conner had lied to her, betrayed her trust, and disappeared like the shadow he was. She knew she couldn't forgive him. Nor would she forget everything she had lost that day. But everything that he had done to destroy her world was what she needed now.

Conner had struggled to exist with the knowledge that his mate was out there without him. That paled in comparison to being close to the woman who was filled with a hatred towards him as fierce and wild as the rain forest itself. Pain lashed with sorrow. Love overwhelming all. Mates forever, if only they can find forgiveness not only for the other, but for themselves.

Wild Fire was an intense, passionate addition to Christine Feehan's Leopard series. It was thrilling to revisit familiar characters and watch them work together to overcome evil. Conner was a wild predator driven from his mate for his past actions, but now driven only with the desire to protect her and possibly overcome their history for a future together. As with all of Christine Feehan's stories, you will be consumed by the story and will not want the book to end. Another Feehan treasured tale.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com



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