Heart of the Winter Wolf

The Dunvegan Wolf Clan Series - Book 1

By Dani Harper

New Concepts Publishing - May 2007

Paranormal/Werewolf Romance

Three decades had passed since that fateful night that James Macleod's wife, Evelyn, and their unborn child had been murdered. For James it was thirty years of grief, guilt and torment. James was a Changeling, a werewolf, who had given himself over to the wolf and lived only as wolf.

His family understood his need to heal, but it was hard for them. They too had lost so much. Yet even though the white wolf distanced himself from them, he kept coming back. His brother, Connor, was very close to him and often the white wolf would join him in a run.

Jillian Descharme had come to work in the veterinary practice of Dr. Connor Macleod, but was very surprised to find the white wolf that had always come to her in times of change, as well as in her most desperate time. She was excited to have proof that the white wolf was not a figment of her imagination, but she was also surprised by the man that suddenly showed up in her life. Her boss's brother, James. Exasperating and attractive, James was someone Jillian tried to resist, but couldn't.

James wanted to resist the pull that Jillian had over him, but the wolf wouldn't allow it. He started to worry about putting Jillian in danger, both from him, and from others like the one that had killed Evelyn.

Heart of the Winter Wolf is an emotionally intense romance. James has allowed thirty years of his life to pass, and must learn how to be human again. He questions his ability to control his wolf side, and he tries to understand the wolf's fixation with Jillian. Jillian has had extreme trials in her life, and it was the white wolf that has pulled her through. I was captivated by all of the characters from the very beginning, and am thrilled to know that she plans to continue this as a series. I look forward to learning more about these werewolves. My only criticism was that since this romance is not what is considered "urban" or "edgy", the excessive cursing seemed out of place and continually pulled me from the story.

Kathy Andrico - TheRoadToRomance.ca