Dead By Midnight

The I-Team Series - Book 7.5

By Pamela Clare

November 2015

Romantic Suspense

What started as a lovely night out with co-workers turned tragic as terrorists commandeered a hotel and took hostages. The terrorists might have considered this a simple straightforward assault, but soon learn that the tide had turned against them. After all, members of the I-Team, and their loved ones were at one of the parties being held in that hotel. There were also many at home who quickly turn to action upon learning that their friends are in danger.

With their unique skills and solid determination to see their friends and families safe and home again, they defy orders and come together to fight and win.

Who is involved in saving the day in whatever way they can? Why everyone. Reece and Kara, Julian and Tessa, Marc and Sophie, Gabe and Kat, Zach and Natalie, Nate and Megan, Javier and Laura, Jack and Janet, Nick and Holly, and their friends that have made this such a memorable series.

Dead By Midnight was a fun, fast-paced, intense, and emotional read. It was so entertaining to see these couples in their daily lives, then how quickly they identified the threat and willingly faced the threat to help their loved ones, friends, and strangers. For fans of Pamela Clare's I-Team series, this is a fond, yet action packed farewell. Not a romance in the traditional sense, instead, Ms Clare has crafted an explosive adventure while glimpsing into the lives of the couples readers have come to love.

Kathy Andrico -


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