Getting Rowdy

Love Undercover Series - Book 3

By Lori Foster

HQN - October 2013

Contemporary Romance

Avery Mullins could not claim that her boss, Rowdy Yates, hadn't given her an offer. It was simply an offer she'd refused. Over, and over again. She had no intention of being yet another addition to the long string of women he had. He told her he'd rather be with her, but if she was saying no, then he'd pass the night with someone else. Unfortunately, it was getting ever more difficult to say no. Especially when she helps him after he is attacked. Sleeping in his bed, his arms, the chemistry is H.O.T. She knows it is just a matter of time, but time seems to be running out as her own past may have finally caught up with her.

Rowdy'd been interested in Avery, but she said no, so he simply found other women who would say yes. They meant nothing to him, and he never invited them to his apartment. Having Avery in his home is revealing - how perfectly she fits in his life, his work, his home, his arms. He quickly sees the difference the right woman can be... wait a minute! That just might be a little more permanent than he's comfortable with. But he definitely wants Avery, only Avery. And he won’t let anyone come between them.

Getting Rowdy is a sexy romance certain to please. Rowdy is a true hero, quick to protect, and devastatingly charming. He's also street smart and utterly devoted to his sister, but he is overall quite clueless when it comes to relationships. Particularly when it is with a woman. Or rather, when he is actually interested in one particular woman - for more than one night. Thankfully Avery is willing to teach him exactly what he needs, with, of course, a little help from his ever-expanding family. Getting Rowdy is the third in Lori Foster's Love Undercover series.

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