Meet Your Mate

By Donna Michaels

The Wild Rose Press - 2007

Contemporary Romance

All of Gabrielle Chapman's internal warnings told her it was a bad idea, but her Uncle Franco wouldn't be deterred since the son of an old friend was being threatened. Now Brielle found herself going undercover on a dating reality show, something that was the absolute last thing she wanted to do. Not only did she have a prior bad experience, but the bachelor's brother, who was also working the case, would be kept in the dark as to her true identity. Brielle feared everything was set for disaster, with lives at stake.

Determined to protect his brother on his folly of trying to find a woman on a reality show, Ex-Army Ranger Captain Jack Anderson provided security on the set, and was part of the show. He would also interact with the contestants. Then they added three new contestants, one who seemed somewhat familiar, and Jack found his entire investigation turned upside down. Something seemed different about Brielle. He didn't think that Brielle was right for his brother, rather he was the better mate for her. Jack also had to face the possibility that she might be behind the threats.

Meet Your Mate is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys Romance novels and reality tv. I had a blast reading this story, and trying to determine which contestant would be Matthew's mate, and who was the villain. It was entertaining watching as both Jack and Brielle attempted to protect everyone on set as they were inevitably put in potential dangerous locations for the show's activities. I adored all of the characters, especially Jack and Brielle. They were perfect for one another. I look forward to additional reads by this author.

Kathy Andrico -