His Secret Desire

By Tracey Devlyn

The Wild Rose Press - July 2007

Regency Romance

Lily Weston should have known that since all she wanted to do was to have some peace and quiet, her neighbor Lord St. Vincent would turn up to disturb her. She needed to focus on preparing her brother's stallion for a race in hopes that the winnings would cover his debts. Of course, instead of staying to help her, he had headed off to London. Now, Julian had come, and the news that he shared shattered all of Lily's carefully laid plans.

Julian should have known that as soon as Bennett lost Springhaven, that he would hightail it to London leaving Lily in the dark to pick up the pieces. Personally, Julian was thrilled. His slow courtship of Lily hadn't progressed very far, and now he had saved Lily's beloved home from someone less scrupulous, and he was certain that they would now marry. Unfortunately, Lily's reaction wasn't exactly as Julian had hoped.

I absolutely adored His Secret Desire. The hero had bungled his attempts at wooing Lily. In fact, she didn't even realize that that is what he had been doing. Yet Julian was oh-so-in love with his heroine. Lily had past issues that she needed to resolve, and it would take an unexpected matchmaker to make her realize that Julian had always come to the farm for her. Tracey Devlyn skillfully turned her short story into a romance with a personable hero and heroine, touching emotion, and a satisfying ending. I eagerly await future titles by this author.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com