The Earl's Christmas Colt

By Rebecca Thomas

Entangled Publishing - December 2012

Regency Romance

Lady Arabella Sutton had one passion, one dream, and it was not found in ballrooms or among the ton. She loved the stables and being with the horses. Her brother had given her a season, and she had been allowed to choose. But she had chosen none among those she had met, and happily returned home.

Now, however, her fate was being thrust upon her. Will had taken the choice from her and arranged a match. Arabella couldn't believe he would be so presumptuous. It didn't matter that Will believed that they would be a good match. And the fact that this friend was in line to be a duke was actually not a point in his favor.

Oliver Westwyck, the Earl of Marsdale, was surprised when he was mistaken for a stable master. But he would blame complete shock at learning the lovely young woman was his fiancee for the reason he didn't come forward with the truth. Instead, he ignored any inner misgivings, and took the opportunity to learn more about Arabella.

The Earl's Christmas Colt was a sweet novella perfect for reading during the holidays. Arabella is understandably appalled at the idea of a groom chosen by her brother, who she now felt had betrayed her. Then, she meets Oliver who allows her mistake of his identity to proceed for too long. Emotions are running high, but I liked seeing that they didn't completely control Arabella. She was willing to consider that perhaps her brother might have given her the best Christmas present he could.

Kathy Andrico -

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