White Heat

T-FLAC Series

By Cherry Adair

Ballantine Books - July 2007

Romantic Suspense

She may not have seen him since their brief interlude the year before, but Emily Greene hadn't forgotten Max Aries, or the way she'd responded to him. Yet he had disappeared without any goodbyes, proving the stories his father, her mentor Daniel, had said about him. Now Daniel had committed suicide, and she'd tried for weeks to contact Max.

Max did not feel anything for his father, but still felt compelled to see Emily. He had just finished an Op for T-FLAC, but decided to visit Emily immediately during the night he arrived. But Emily had another unannounced visitor that night, and with the knowledge that Daniel had been murdered, Max and T-FLAC soon had Emily under protection.

People are dying, and terrorists are attacking religious sites. Time was running short as Emily, Max and the rest of the T-FLAC team try to determine if and what connections there may be, and beat the clock before they strike again.

There is no stop to the action in White Heat. It starts a couple pages into the book, and does not let up until the final scene, and neither did my interest wane. I was engrossed from the very beginning. This was my first foray into Cherry Adair's T-FLAC series, and I'm hooked. I'm thrilled to know that there are several books in the series already out that I can start reading.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com