Becoming Miss Becky

Sequel to Taming Eliza Jane

By Shannon Stacey

Samhain Publishing - September 2008

Historical Romance

Rebecca Hamilton had escaped a life of certain misery, only to find herself in a bigger predicament. Learning that she had inherited from her aunt, Rebecca, had immediately gone to Gardiner, Texas. There, to her horror, she learned that she was now the owner of The Chicken Coop. And it wasn't a poultry house. Nope. Miss Rebecca Hamilton, the conservative dressing, quiet, living in the shadow of her father young lady was now the owner of the town whorehouse.

Sheriff Adam Caldwell wasn't certain what to make of the town's newest inhabitant. Meeting her upon arrival and offering to marry her definitely hadn't been in his plans. But neither had he expected the lady to take up residence at the Chicken Coop and transform herself from a plain quiet respectable Rebecca into a sultry provocatively dressed Miss Becky.

She was simply creating too much havoc for his peace of mind, and the sheriff was well known for wanting peace and quiet. The sheriff had a reputation for swift justice. In fact he was just as likely to shoot first and never ask questions. He simply didn't like conversation all that much. And it certainly wasn't conversation he had in mind whenever he came in contact with Miss Becky. But she now lived in a whorehouse, and another thing well known about Adam was that he didn't enter one of those establishments.

The longer Becky spent in town, the more certain they both know they want to be together. However, the more she changed, the less certain Adam was that they could have a future.

I simply adored Becoming Miss Becky. I had been eager to read Adam's story since meeting him in Taming Eliza Jane. He was such a great hero - determined to protect the town, and his woman. I was fascinated by the transformation of Rebecca into Miss Becky. Although I did consider it a little far-fetched that someone as sheltered as she would change that drastically during that time period. I loved the secondary characters, and would like to revisit Gardiner again for some additional stories.

Kathy Andrico -