Razor's Edge

Shadow Stalkers Series - Book 5

Short Story in The Promise of Love Anthology

By Sylvia Day

Berkley Sensation - June 2011

Contemporary Romance

Six authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Six short stories filled with passion and healing. The Promise of Love is an anthology of six romances written to support a charity.

Jack Killigrew needed to be called back to duty. He needed to turn around and leave before something irreversible happened. He needed to not need Rachel Tse. Rachel, his best friend's widow. How he had hoped that Steve never knew the truth of his feelings for Rachel, but with Steve's request to look after her if something happened to him, Jack feared his aloof facade had been compromised. Strange that, considering he was called Iron Jack. He needed to gain control of himself and his body's reactions to even the thought of being near Rachel before he saw her.

Rachel had other plans. She might have once been intimidated by Jack, but that was another woman. A woman who had been perfect in her marriage with Steve. But she had survived his death, was a single mother, and was strong enough to battle Jack to prove that they should be together. Not for Steve, not for her son, but for themselves.

Razor's Edge was a poignant sexy romance. Jack knows that he is the complete opposite of the man his best friend had been, and is certain that he is too rough for the likes of Rachel. But Rachel has backbone and determination to break through any wall Jack tries to build. It is touching, as they both still love Steve, and would never have done anything in the past. Although this had the feel of being in the middle of a series, it is the beginning, with another short story to follow soon. I am eager to meet more Shadow Stalkers in the future, and see them find their own loves.

Included in The Promise of Love are: Shelter From the Storm by Lori Foster, Take Me Home by Erin McCarthy, Razor's Edge by Sylvia Day, Midnight Rendezvous by Jamie Denton, Dime Store Cowboy by Kate Douglas, and Life in the Past Lane by Kathy Love.

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