Extreme Exposure

The I-Team Series - Book 1

By Pamela Clare

Berkley Sensation - August 2005

Romantic Suspense

It only took some of The Rio's infamous margaritas for journalist Kara McMillan to completely mortify herself in front of Reece Sheridan. Gorgeous male, influential, and someone she would probably have to deal with professionally. She simply wanted to forget the incident, but Reece was nothing if not stubborn.

As a state senator, Reece was used to people trying to manipulate him for their own gains. Kara, however, was an enigma. She could easily try to use his fascination for her against him. Instead, she simply continued to push him away. But Reece could be just as stubborn. He wanted Kara. Unfortunately, there was someone else who also wanted Kara, and that someone might just want her dead.

Kara had been given information about illegal activities at a local business. Toxins were certainly pouring into the water systems, and maybe in to the air itself. At first, Kara was mostly concerned about finding all the evidence before another newspaper caught wind of these allegations. Soon, it became apparent that she needed to uncover who was behind these events because lives were at stake, including her own.

Extreme Exposure was an intense romantic suspense that kept my fingers flippling quickly through the pages. Although the end was not completely surprising, the suspense of exactly what truly happened, why it was happening, and how they would solve the case kept me anxiously reading. I adored Reece, and wish that all politicians hold the same optimistic feelings that he felt towards his governmental responsibilities. Even more, his tenderness and protective instincts towards both Kara and her son made him the perfect hero. I am thrilled that this is part of a series, and look forward to revisiting The I-Team again.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com