Heart of a Desert Warrior

Connected to Royal Brides

Harlequin Presents #3071

By Lucy Monroe

July 2012

Contemporary Romance

There was a reason Iris Carpenter had avoided going to the Middle East. In order to further her career, and someday be promoted to senior geologist, she knew she couldn't say no again. Even her boss stressed that she needed to go. What was the likelihood that Sheikh Asad who would be her guide was the same Asad who had broken her heart so many years before.

Unfortunately, too likely. With no easy way out, Iris found herself too close to Asad for her comfort. Iris may want to focus solely on geology, but Asad continuously thwarts her plans to ignore him. As Iris spends time with his tribe, his family, and Asad himself, Iris sees everything she had wanted in life, but Asad had turned her away.

Asad may have regretted leaving Iris and marrying another, but he would never regret his daughter. He loved Nawar, but her mother had been able to walk away and leave her behind. He knew in his heart that Iris would be a perfect mother for Nawar. Just as he now knew she had always been perfect for him.

Heart of a Desert Warrior is a passionate romance reuniting two lovers who should have never parted. Learning of the Bedouin tribal life was fascinating, but watching Asad and Iris find love together once again was even more satisfying. Yet another Lucy Monroe winner!

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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