Motor City Witch

Urban Arcana Series - Book 2

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - October 2010

Paranormal Romance

Aidan Greene was a father. He knew it the moment he saw the daughter of the woman he had once loved. Still loved. Elise Sutton had left him, never telling him she was pregnant. But he was powerful. Not only in the mortal realm, but as an elven and member of the Seelie Council. Elise had disappeared from him once before, and he had let her go. Now she was back, with their daughter, and he had no intention of making the same mistakes again.

Aidan Greene was not Adina's father. Elise had wished for it to be true, wanted her daughter to have been born of love, and not the vicious attack she had survived shortly after her breakup with Aidan. She may have grown up in a magical world, and visited the land of the fae, but wishful thinking couldn't change the fact that although Dina might appear to be Aidan's daughter, she wasn't.

Unfortunately, someone else thought Dina was Aidan's daughter. Dina was abducted from her bedroom, and Aidan was the first person Elise turned to. It didn't matter if Dina wasn't the daughter of his blood, Aidan was going to claim her and her mother as his own...and he wouldn't stop until Dina was back with them.

Motor City Witch is a reunion romance wrapped in a thrilling paranormal adventure. Having met Aidan in Motor City Fae, he had firmly established himself as a hero in need of a heroine, but not just any heroine, the one who was so obviously still etched on his heart. But fighting for love is just part of their story. Together, with the help of friends readers will vividly remember from Motor City Fae, Aidan and Elise must solve the mystery of Dina's disappearance, and bring her safely home. This reader is definitely eager to revisit this series in the hopefully not too distant future.

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