Want Ad Wedding

Cowboy Creek Continuity Series - Book 1

Harlequin Love Inspired Historical #?

By Cheryl St. John

April 2016

Inspirational Historical Western Romance

Want Ad Wedding is the first story in the Cowboy Creek continuity series - a series written by different authors. Although connected with a continuing storyline, for the most part, this story stands on its own.

Daniel Gardner and two of his closest friends were working hard at making their new town a great one. And one of the key things that they needed to succeed were wives. Not necessarily for themselves, but for the town as a whole. There were basically only single men in residence. So the town had put together the money and advertised for wives. And then the first group arrived.

Leah Swann had needed this chance for a new life. The advertisement to be a bride was just the opportunity she needed, and she grasped it knowing that it was still a great risk. That was until she saw the men standing at the platform. She, Daniel and Will had grown up together, been best friends together. Daniel had been a dreamer. Will had become her fiance, although they quickly realized their folly. They may love one another, but only deeply as friends. But war and time had separated her from them.

Now this new life was giving her another option. Daniel offered to marry her himself. She knew him, cared for him, trusted him. But would she ever be able to unlock either of their hearts.

Want Ad Wedding is a best friends, almost reunion story. I say "almost reunion" because although they are reuniting, it is as friends. Or is it? Leah may have come to marry a stranger, but it is old friends who greet her. And although she may have once had a future with one, it is the other who holds her attention. Daniel who is offering marriage. Only Daniel who is becoming her husband, her future, and her love. The primary storyline is complete in this story, but there are additional issues regarding town mysteries, other characters, and some villains that are sure to arise in the future stories in the Cowboy Creek continuity series. If you wish to read all the stories, they are Want Ad Wedding by Cheryl St. John, Special Delivery Baby by Sherri Shackelford and Bride by Arrangement by Karen Kirst.

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