Honor Unraveled

Red Team Series - Book 3

By Elaine Levine

July 2013

Romantic Suspense

Honor Unraveled is the third book in Elaine Levine's Red Team series. It is highly recommended to read this series in order, starting with Book 1, Edge of Courage. This review does contain spoilers to the previous books.

Kit Bolanger never expected to return to his hometown and have both his girls staying with him. He had just met his daughter, and his woman, well she made it quite clear that she didn't want him in her life. Her opinion really didn't matter in this instance, as he was deeply involved in an operation that put their lives at risk. He would protect both his girls regardless of how mad that might make either of them.

Ivy Banks had been warned against Kit when they'd been in school, but she'd loved him, and lost everything. Her family. Her home. Kit. But her daughter more than made up for all of those losses. She would never regret the past and accepted that they needed the protection that only Kit and his team could provide them. But she refused to risk her heart with him once more.

With each story in Elaine Levine's Red Team series, my expectations rise. Having met both Kit and Ivy, knowing their history, and seeing them together in the previous books, I was ecstatic the moment I knew I was able to download and start reading Honor Unraveled. I devoured it, and Honor Unraveled proved that this series can simply just get better and better. Kit was the perfect hero. Dedicated to his country, risking his life for strangers and friends, but even more, utterly devoted to his two girls. He was willing to be whatever they needed, and for years, that had meant he was absent from their lives. The entire Red Team was once again present, and their stories are just screaming to be read. Now, I have the arduous task of trying to patiently wait until the next story is available.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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