What Dreams May Come

In Dreams Series - Book 1

By Beth M Honeycutt

May 2014

Young Adult Romance

He had always been there for Ellie Cross in her dreams. An imaginary friend. A figment of her imagination. At least that was what her mother and her psychiatrist had said. But Gabe always seemed so real. He told her he was real. And he also promised that one day he would find her. Even in the dream, she knew it wasn't real, he wasn't real. And when she woke, she remembered everything about her dream, except what Gabe looked like. Although she always remembered his eyes.

Then one day, a new student arrived at school. Gabriel Colt was simply gorgeous, and way out of her league. Yet he seemed to constantly appear by her side. She knew he would soon be pulled into the popular crowd, but he seemed insistent on being her friend. And there were all the things he knew. How could he possibly know exactly how she liked her ice cream?

It was too confusing. There was no way real life Gabriel could be her dream best friend Gabe. And even if he was, wouldn't he know? Yet he didn't say anything.

But Gabriel looked at her though Gabe's eyes.

What Dreams May Come was an absolute delight to read. I adored the whole concept from Ellie having Gabe in her dreams to meeting Gabriel at school. Then sifting through memories of past conversations with Gabe, watching Gabriel try to befriend Ellie, and seeing Ellie conflicted between starting to like the real life boy in front of her and not just the boy in her dreams.

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