Back in Black

SBC Fighter Series - Book 8

By Lori Foster

Berkley - February 2010

Contemporary Romance

Back in Black is the eighth book in Lori Foster's SBC Fighter series, but does stand on its own. However, to fully enjoy the series, I would recommend starting from the beginning.

Drew Black had no problem with his self image. As president of the SBC, he had turned a mostly banned brutal sport into a respectable growing industry. Only the best were his fighters, and everyone wanted a contract from him. He dealt with fighters, managers, reporters, charities, and more. He was a success, and he knew it. He might be a little cocky, but that was needed in his business.

Drew Black was a challenge, but Gillian Noode knew it was one she was more than prepared for. She had been hired to help Drew improve his image. Cut back on his crude language. Rein in his more objectionable behavior. She would be his manager, publicist, and all-around personality trainer.

But Drew hadn't gotten where he was without getting what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted it. Sure, he would have to let Gillian do her job, but he would set the rules. He would dictate the boundaries. And he wanted her.

Back in Black is classic Lori Foster - humorous, sexy, and fun. Drew's public comments would make any boss cringe, but the more time Gillian spent with him, the better she was able to understand his motives and see the man behind the image.

There was a secondary romance that was equally enjoyable and truly touching. Brett Bullman was a self taught fighter who meets Audrey Porter as she was protesting the SBC. Experiences from her past caused her biased opinion, and Brett is the perfect sensitive hero for her. He also owns a cat he rescued, which endeared him to me even more.

Kathy Andrico -


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