Mommy in Training

Harlequin American Romance #1244

By Shelley Galloway

January 2009

Contemporary Romance

Matt Madigan was coming home. Some might consider it strange that a foster home that he lived only a couple of years in would be considered such. But finding himself an orphan his senior year, he had moved in with the Wyzeckis. There he had found love, acceptance, and the ability to mature into the man he had become. That man now was in a position to hopefully bring prosperity back to his hometown, Crescent View, Texas. He was responsible for bringing the latest addition of the SavNGo chain to the town.

Minnie Clark was terrified. After the death of her sister, Paige, and brother-in-law, she had been named guardian of her niece Kimber. In addition to dealing with the traumatized child, who had not only lost her family, but been uprooted to a new town, Minnie feared for the future of her business. SavNGo threatened all of the small businesses.

Minnie wanted to place blame firmly on Matt, but the better she got to know him, the more difficult that became. The man whom she'd had a childhood crush on, was now a caring adult with good intentions. But regardless of their feelings, they both had responsibilites that they felt needed to take precedence over a relationship together.

Mommy in Training was a romance that touched my heart. Matt was an endearing hero, one any woman would be lucky to have. Minnie was an independent heroine who still recognized the necessity of accepting help. Shelley Galloway writes romances with characters I would love to call friends, in towns and communities anyone would be happy to call home.

Kathy Andrico -