The Viscount Risks It All

Prelude To a Kiss Series - Book 4

By Erin Knightley

Signet Eclipse - January 2016

Historical Romance

Ten years earlier, Gavin Stark's dreams had died. He had been in love with his best friend, and was finally going to propose when he learned she too was in love. Just not with him. He had seen the happiness in her eyes, and had kept his silence.

Felicity Danby had loved her husband, but he had died over a year earlier. She had agreed to visit Bath with her brother-in-law and his wife. Hugh and Charity had raved about the music festival, and Felicity knew she needed to socialize more. But she also dreaded the awkwardness that could accompany the pitying looks and sympathetic comments. There was one person she was excited to see, though. Her old friend Gavin whom she hadn't seen in a decade.

Lord Derington knew he would marry, but love would not be a component. He had no intention of having his emotions trampled on again. He looked for a good companion, someone he enjoyed, and could care about. He enjoyed parties, and entertaining. He was rarely at a loss for words, until Felicity unexpectedly appeared before him. So reminiscent of the young girl he'd loved, only Gavin's exceptional manners had allowed him to extricate himself from her presence without causing a scene.

But there was no escape. She was friends with the wives of his friends, and she needed a friend to stand beside her as she continued to grieve. And despite the years that had passed, and their lack of correspondence, they were friends. Regardless that once again, Gavin's feelings might be more than she could ever feel for him.

The Viscount Risks It All was exactly what I love best in a romance. A hero who is oh-so-in-love with his heroine. Intense emotion. Best friends. A perfect combination. We return to Erin Knightley's Prelude to a Kiss series with a hero who has been needing his own happily-ever-after. I was so happy to see Gavin reunite with the one woman he has always loved. This story was different than many because so often, when years have separated a hero and heroine, one of them has been in a bad relationship. In this case, Felicity had been happily married all these years, and now she truly grieved her husband. It was touching to see Felicity slowly realize that her growing feelings for Gavin didn't detract from her love for her first husband and their marriage. I look forward to more stories from Erin Knightley

Kathy Andrico -

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