A Match Made in Mistletoe

By Anna Campbell

December 2016

Historical Romance

It was finally time. Serena Talbot had grown up loving Sir Paul Garside. She'd fantasized about the day he would propose marriage for years. He was a golden beauty, kind, and all her dreams had been wrapped up in him. He would be arriving soon for the holidays, and Serena had decided she would use even superstitious nonsense to aid her in her quest. She placed mistletoe under her pillow and awaited seeing the man she was to marry in her dreams.

Except who it was made it more of a nightmare.

It wasn't Paul who she saw. It was his dark enigmatic best friend. A man who had spent as much time with her family as Paul. Someone whose penetrating gaze seemed to see her innermost soul. A man who had ruined her dream, for upon his and Paul's arrival, it was his visage she seeked, and Paul she fled.

Giles Farraday, Marquess of Hallam knew this might be the last holidays he spent with the Talbots. It had been bad enough always knowing that Serena had fancied his best friend Paul, but now Paul had confided that he planned to propose to the only woman Giles had ever loved. Giles would probably remain in his remote castle. Alone.

But Serena was finally turning to him. She had always seemed to avoid him, or to simply see him as an addition to Paul. But it was him she asked to teach her how to kiss, and there had been no way he could deny that one chance at his dreams. Even if it was a betrayal of his friendship. Even if it would only worsen his pain when Paul finally asked Serena to be his.

A Match Made in Mistletoe was a perfect Christmas read. I adore a hero who is oh-so-in-love with his heroine, and Giles has been in love with Serena oh-so-long. Giles is a fascinating hero struggling with his love for Serena, as well as not wanting to betray his friendship. Serena is in a quandary trying to reconcile why the potential of realizing her lifelong dreams unsettles her stomach. It was touching watching them navigate to one another, knowing the risks they each took.

And there was poor Paul. It would have been easier if Paul had been a scoundrel, but he wasn't. I really don't like love triangles, and this really isn't as Serena starts running away from Paul from the onset of the story. I just hope that Ms Campbell follows up with a story for Paul - soon. After all, such a nice guy deserves his own happily ever after.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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