Here There Be Monsters

The Iron Seas Series - Book 1

Short Story in Burning Up Anthology

By Meljean Brook

Berkley Sensation - August 2010

Paranormal Steampunk Romance

Two years earlier, Ivy Blacksmith had run to Mad Machen for help, only to run away when she learned she would have to sleep in his bed for payment. She had established herself in a small town, hoping to never see him again. She had heard the rumors of his viciousness, and knew he had thoroughly earned his moniker. Her world came crashing down when he showed up to claim her.

Eben Machen had wanted to court Ivy, but he never quite had the right words to do it properly. She thought he wanted to rape her. Granted he wanted to ravish her, but he wanted her as a thoroughly willing participant. He had his secrets of what he was really doing on the seas, and needed his reputation in order to continue doing it successfully. But he also wanted Ivy. He wanted her to see the real man behind the stories, and he was on a limited time table for her to realize the truth.

Here There Be Monsters is a scintillating introduction to Meljean Brook's new The Iron Seas series. Ms Brooks deftly presents her new world, while delivering a touching romance with a hero who is oh-so-in love with his heroine. Eben might be quite adept at capturing his enemies, but he is quite clumsy in his attempts at capturing Ivy's heart. With fascinating world-building and dynamic characters, The Iron Seas series is destined to be a best-seller. I am eager to return, many times.

Kathy Andrico -