Dog Tags

Short Story in Love Bites Anthology

By Catherine Mann

HQN - June 2012

Contemporary Romance

Five authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Love Bites is an anthology of five romances written to support a charity.

Tech Sergeant Brody Ward was finally home. And he was eager to see his welcoming committee, the four legged lady in his life, Penny. It was more than just missing her during his deployment. It was knowing that he had almost lost her. He had entrusted her care with his father, and she had been neglected. Lost. Luckily, Brody had chipped her, and he had been notified of her rescue. Unfortunately, he had nobody else he could trust with her care.

Thankfully, he had been given the name of a volunteer. Leah Russell had stepped in and given Penny a home. Through Skype sessions, he had been able to see and speak with Penny. But he had also gotten to see and speak with Leah. Leah had also become a friend. A confidant. And the only person he was eager to see on his return.

But was she as eager to see him? Or had she seen their relationship as simply a way to say "Thank You" to a soldier?

Dog Tags was a touching story of perseverance and romance. Leah was so certain that since Brody was a nice guy, a bona-fide American hero, those qualities would be the reason he would want to be with her once he learned of the secret she had kept. But Brody wasn't that selfless. He had come to care for Leah during those past months, those long conversations had been leading to the moment he would finally have her in his arms. Readers will cheer when he finally wins the battle to keep her firmly by his side.

Included in Love Bites are: Love Unleashed by Lori Foster, Smookie and the Bandit by Brenda Jackson, Dog Tags by Catherine Mann, Mane Haven by Jules Bennett, and Molly Wants a Hero by Virna DePaul.

Kathy Andrico -

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