More Than A Stranger

Sealed With a Kiss Series - Book 1

By Erin Knightley

Signet Eclipse - June 2012

Historical Romance

It had all started with an impertinent letter from Evie demanding Hastings stop his friendship with her brother. She was Richard's best friend. Not him. A reply had arrived, with his refusal! Thus had begun a friendship that grew letter after letter. Until one day five years later when one final fateful letter arrived, and Hastings' words crushed Evie's heart forever.

Seven years had passed since Evie had given up on love. Never would she give anyone that power over herself again. If only she could get her parents to allow her to not go to London for the Season. She wished to only stay home at Hertford Hall with the horses that she loved so much, and the husbandless future she hoped to have.

Benedict Hastings needed time. Time to cope with the decision he needed to make, and the resulting consequences that would ruin his own future. He went to Richard to finally accept the offer of visiting Hertford Hall. He had expected the family to be in London. He never anticipated running into Evie when he first arrived. That could be the only explanation of his decision to lie to Evie. Lie about who he was. Lie that she was a stranger, and he didn't know everything about her. Lie that she wasn't the one woman whose future he wished he could be a part of.

More Than a Stranger was a beautiful romance that I simply adored. Each chapter begins with a snippet from the letters between Evie & Hastings, and their words perfectly match the tone of the story at that point. I can't imagine any reader not being moved by the intensity of Hastings' feelings for Evie. He recognizes the horrible mistake he made years before, but his career and current situation prevent him from opening up to her now. I adored Hastings, a hero to both his heroine, and his country. And Evie was simply perfect for him. Then there is the rest of her family, including Richard and a bevy of younger sisters. I am so delighted to know that Richard's story is next. After that, I do hope that we return to this family again, and again, and again.

Kathy Andrico -

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