Rebels and Lovers

Gabriel's Ghost Dock 5 Universe - Book 4

By Linnea Sinclair

Bantam - March 2010

Science Fiction Romance

The following review assumes that the reader has already read Gabriel's Ghost, Shades of Dark and Hope's Folly. It does contain spoilers for those stories, although this book does stand alone. However, I would recommend starting from the beginning, simply to fully enjoy the reading experience.

Devin Guthrie wasn't adventurous. Neither did he go against his family. He simply wasn't a rebel. That title could be applied to his elder brother Philip, Admiral in the newly formed Alliance. Devin was still working in the family's business. Quite content.

Until he was summoned home. Damage control was needed with his brother's defection. Then, unexpectedly, his nephew is missing, and the security guard killed. There are too many unanswered questions, and he is unwilling to simply sit idly by waiting to find out if this has something to do with Philip. So he rebels against his family to search for Jonathan Macy Guthrie III, better known as Trip.

Captain Makaiden Griggs was stuck on Dock 5. So were many other captains and crew - until the blockade was lifted. Until she could leave, she couldn't make money. And she owed money, at least her deceased husband owed money, and she was left with the threats. She didn't need any more trouble, then she spots the tell-tale face of a Guthrie. A young Guthrie. A Guthrie who had no business being in a place like Dock 5. A Guthrie who was in obvious danger.

Devin can't believe that fate has put Makaiden back into his life. He had been enamored of her when she piloted for his family, but she had been married. That would prevent any relationship, except friendship. And he had enjoyed her friendship. Now, he needed more than her friendship, he needed her expertise of both Dock 5 and her ship to get them to safety, and unravel the mystery of who was after Trip, and why.

With Rebels and Lovers, Linnea Sinclair delivers another space adventure brimming with intrigue, action, and romance. I adored Devin - the non-rebel who finds himself running from his family, their enemies, and the law. He is such an endearing "geek", loving his heroine from afar, until he learns that maybe, just maybe, he has a chance. His name, Guthrie, and her background are not important to him. Who Makaiden is, an honorable woman, his friend, is what is important - and why he is the perfect hero for her. Ms Sinclair continues to masterfully weave the romance and science fiction genres into memorable spellbinding stories.

Also, I would like to acknowledge the loss of Ms Sinclair's beloved cat Daq, who passed during the writing of this story. Many recognize Daq who was on the original cover of Games of Command and was in that story as Tank the furzel. As a final tribute, Ms Sinclair created another cat "character" for him in Rebels and Lovers.

Kathy Andrico -


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