Changeling Moon

Changeling Series - Book 1

By Dani Harper

Brava - June 2011

Paranormal/Werewolf Romance

Zoey Tyler may have a touch of psychic ability, but unfortunately learning of events before they happened wasn't in the cards for her. Which explained why the new editor for the Dunvegan Herald Weekly found herself walking alone in the freezing rain only to discover her truck encased by ice. To top it off, she was then attacked by a wolf. Only the arrival of Dr. Connor Macleod had saved her because the wolf then disappeared

But had it been a wolf? All the authorities disagreed - she had seen a large dog, or maybe a coyote. Not a wolf. Perhaps it would be better to go along with them. After all, she was a newcomer and didn't want to become an immediate outsider - like she had so many times before.

Connor knew it had been a wolf attack. Even more, he knew who the Changeling was that attacked Zoey, but Bernie had been handled. Connor had limited time to prevent the Change happening to Zoey. Silver nitrate needed applied to her wounds to prevent her from becoming a Changeling. But danger still seemed to be hanging around in Dunvegan. A paranormal "investigator" was in town, the old werewolf rumors that made life difficult for Changelings had resurfaced, and attacks continued. What was even more difficult was controlling himself around Zoey, when all he wanted to do was stake a claim and shout Mine.

Changeling Moon is the long awaited romance for Connor Macleod. Introduced in Heart of the Winter Wolf Connor demanded his own story. Luckily, Brava has picked up the series including Winter Wolf which has been revised. Connor's story is now first, and is being immediately followed by the slightly revised and retitled Changeling Dream.

Changeling Moon is a story that any werewolf romance reader will love - powerful romance between a hero and heroine that are perfect for each other, a vast cast of secondary characters, a fascinating new world of the Changeling, suspense, and more. The years were definitely worth the wait!

Kathy Andrico -


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