One Lucky Vampire

Argeneau Series - Book 19

By Lynsay Sands

Avon Books - October 2013

Vampire Romance

Stephano Notte had thought his life had come to an end when he'd been eighteen. On that memorable day, he'd learned that not only had his entire family lied to him the majority of his life, but the great reveal had involved the discovery that the members of his family were vampires. They also could control people, had messed with his memories, and even better, could read his mind. As if that horror wasn't bad enough, he had been presented with the great honor of the choice to become one of them.

From that day forward, he had stayed on the fringes. Not completely removed from the family, but not a part either. He'd even worked for a vampire. That was until he had died. As in stabbed and left for dead. He would have been quite happy to simply die, but oh no, his choice had been taken from him and he'd been turned. Now, he had completely shed his former life. He had a new name for his new life, Jake Colson, and he had only limited email contact with his mother and brother. It had been seven years since he'd left his life behind, but it was hard to ignore the fact that he now needed blood for sustenance. He was a bodyguard, and he actually was able to put his new abilities to good use in protecting people.

It shouldn't have surprised him the day that Marguerite Argeneau sought him out. She had a tendency to meddle, but she was an old, seriously old, family friend. Apparently, she had a mortal friend who she was worried about. Nicole Phillips was going through a divorce, and Marguerite feared that Nicole's soon to be ex-husband might be trying to kill her.

Jake's instincts said that Marguerite's fears were well founded. Unfortunately, Nicole blissfully assumed that everything was just an accident. So he found himself ensconced in her home as her new housekeeper and cook. Never mind that he couldn't cook. But what he could do was protect Nicole. For soon, it was quite apparent that someone was out to commit murder and both of their lives were at risk. And Jake was learning that contrary to his previous beliefs, he was quite determined to live.

One Lucky Vampire was an absolute blast to read. Jake had obvious reservations to becoming an immortal, not a vampire as he continued to call them, and himself. But the nano-damage had been done. Or rather, the nanos had saved his life, when his choice had been taken away. I really felt for Jake. He was so conflicted. While he loved his family, he couldn't shake the knowledge that they had in essence lied to him practically his entire life. As an immortal, time was irrelevant, so seven years with limited contact was just a blink. He had wanted to deal with his new fate, but as he learns, avoidance is not dealing with an issue. Nicole was a fun heroine, although a little naive to think that all these accidents couldn't possibly mean that she was in danger. Maybe she would be proven right, but it would be better at least to take precautions.

Which is why we all love Marguerite so much. She is so deft at making everyone do what she thinks best. Especially when it comes to meeting life mates, and facing one's family. For it is she who sends in the cavalry to help Jake. Two family members who Jake had adored growing up, but had resented and avoided for decades. Their "help" is one of the most memorable scenes from this entire series.

Kathy Andrico -