Angels' Dance

Guild Hunter - Book 8

Short Story in Angels' Flight Anthology

Berkley - March 2012

Urban Fantasy Romance

This short story is set prior to the series, and can be read at any point in the Guild Hunter series.

Jessamy had lived for millennia. She was the teacher. All the children had come through her school. She recorded the histories. Even the archangels turn to her for advice. Everyone respected her, all the children loved her. And as every angel had once been one of those children, she was in the hearts of all angels. Jessamy knew this, but she also knew the truth of what she was. An angel to be pitied. An angel whose deformed wing kept her earthbound when her soul wanted to fly.

Galen had been raised by warriors to be a warrior. He had never had a childhood, and didn't see the teacher as the others did. He saw a desirable woman that he wanted, and he went after what he wanted. Just as he wished to gain entrance into the still forming court of Raphael, Galen intended to have Jessamy. He didn't have the vocabulary to woo and court, and acknowledged that he was the brute that many called him. When Jessamy's life is endangered, Galen puts himself directly in the path of the danger. He would protect Jessamy's life with his own, while proving to her that his strength was enough for them both to soar forever, together.

Angels' Dance is a courtship between two who are the epitome of contradiction. Galen is powerful, in strength, will, and intent. Jessamy is gentle, frail in appearance, and pained by the knowledge that the skies are lost to her. Their romance is a steady courtship, with Jessamy learning to spread her wings and Galen establishing himself as an integral part of Raphael's court. I simply adored everything about Angels' Dance, watching a group of individuals, angels and vampires alike, who we know later become a cohesive group known as Raphael's Seven, witnessing everyday life in the Refuge, enjoying Illium's antics, and watching the steady growth of a love that will last the millennium to come.

Kathy Andrico -

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