Shield of Winter

Psy-Changeling Series - Book 16

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - June 2014

Paranormal Romance

This review assumes that the reader has read the previous stories in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, and does contain spoilers to prior books. Also, due to back stories in previous books, I highly suggest reading the series in order.

The fall of Silence may have happened, but Vasic knew it would not affect him. He was Silence. His hands permanently stained by death. But the entire psy population was at risk. Rot was eating away at the psy-net, and nothing seemed to deter it. Kaleb Krychek had a theory, and it would involve bringing together empaths. A designation that many had tried to eradicate from the psy-net.

Although full escape from the net was never a possibility, after her reconditioning, Ivy's family had managed to escape notice. They had uprooted and moved to an isolated community, and had sheltered Ivy. Learning of the offer to work and try to save their people, Ivy quickly agreed. But how to stop the decay was not their only challenge. They had to learn how to use their abilities. Not only had the E Designation been suppressed, but the knowledge of how to use their skills had been destroyed.

It was a difficult task. The most difficult Ivy had ever encountered, and it was Vasic who quickly became her support. He would protect her, watch out for her. She may have wondered if she had emotion enough for the both of them.

But Vasic knew only too well the full truth. He may be drawn to her, but he was not good enough for her. Even if he was, it mattered not for he may have unintentionally given himself an expiration date that was quickly approaching.

How many different positive descriptors can be used to describe this series - and in fact every book within? Fascinating. Passionate. Intensely emotional. Shield of Winter is the best yet. I adored Vasic and his love for Ivy, and the care he felt for his best friend Aden, his fellow Arrows, and each and every person he encountered that he could help. And those he hadn't. He may have thought emotion had been brutalized out of him, but if anything, it was probably even stronger. Ivy was the ideal heroine, not just for Vasic, but in understanding her responsibilities to the Arrows due to her relationship with Vasic. Their romance was moving, poignant, and perfect. Then there is the encroaching rot, and the devastation it was wreaking. We can add suspense to the mix. As always, I eagerly anticipate the next story in this most amazing series.

Kathy Andrico -


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