A Christmas Smile

By Kathy Otten

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Historical Western Romance

After the war, Tom Montgomery had gone home. Gettysburg may have left him less than whole as when he left, but he was happy to be returning to his wife. Then he learned the truth, she had believed him dead, and was now remarried with two boys. Determined not to disrupt her life, Tom left again.

After another seven years, Tom would hear similar words again. He had returned to Texas to claim his ranch, but his family had thought him dead. Intent on starting a new life, Tom planned on simply removing the squatters who had moved in on his property.

Then he learned that it was his wife and her two children.

A Christmas Smile was a poignant romance certain to move any reader. Tom had endured years of torment - physical pain, a Yankee prison camp, and the knowledge that his wife was with someone else. Now he sees her again, and due to his wounds, and his use of a different name, she doesn't recognize him. I loved this story, adored the hero, but wish that there hadn't been so many wasted years until they came together again.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com