Motor City Wolf

Urban Arcana Series - Book 3

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - August 2011

Paranormal Romance

Fianna Meadows had once lived what some might have considered a fairy tale. She had been a fae and attended the Faery Court. But she had made bad decisions. She had trusted in her family, and they had been deceivers - attempting to overthrow the Queen. As a result, she had been stripped of her powers, and was now living as a common mortal.

Greg Novak had accepted the duty of having Fianna under his care - but he quickly learned that the difficulty was trying to keep his hands off of her. Greg was an alpha werewolf who had watched Fianna transform into the independent mortal who was quickly becoming his obsession. Unfortunately, he couldn't just focus on thoughts of Fianna and his bed. Werewolves were being killed. And his grandfather was demanding he find a mate. Greg could take care of protecting Fianna easier by keeping her close. They would pretend she was his selected mate.

Motor City Witch was yet another entertaining addition to Cindy Spencer Pape's Urban Arcana series. Fianna had accepted her punishment with grace and proved to be a valuable friend. She was a more than perfect heroine for Greg. It was a thrill to watch their relationship grow. As can be expected in this series, there were lots of visits with characters that we've grown to adore - and a tantalizing glimpse of a romance certain to be coming soon. I look forward to many more returns to this world.

Kathy Andrico -


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