Iron & Hemlock

Short Story in The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance

By Autumn Dawn

Running Press - December 2009

Paranormal Romance

One moment American Jordon Hearst was almost hit while crossing the street, and the next she was an ocean away, and over a century in the past. As if that wasn't enough to process, she found herself in the middle of a battle with mythical beings.

She arrived with an unnatural storm, but there wasn't anything normal about her surroundings. The shocking truths about the inhabitants of the mansion would have sent her screaming, but the unknown enemies who awaited her outside the gates were more fearsome. Jordon had every intention of returning to her time, and country - regardless of what the compelling Lord Griffin did to entice her to stay.

Iron & Hemlock was a fun short story with fascinating creatures, a dash of suspense, and love. I adored the world that Autumn Dawn has created - and would love to revisit to see both of Griffin's brothers find their own mates.

Kathy Andrico -