How the Scoundel Seduces

The Duke's Men - Book 3

By Sabrina Jeffries

Pocket - August 2014

Historical Romance

How the Scoundrel Seduces is the third book in Sabrina Jeffries' The Duke's Men series. Although the story can be read on its own, there are spoilers to the previous books. Therefore, it might be best to start with the first story, What the Duke Desires.

Lady Zoe Keane was desperate enough to accept even the help of the infuriating Tristan Bonnaud. She needed someone who she could trust not to betray her if what she suspected was true - that she was not her parents' natural child. She had been born of a Romany woman. Her inheritance depended on this truth, for if she wasn't the true heir, she needed to marry a cousin who she didn't love, didn't even know, to protect herself.

Feeling responsible to take care of his sister and mother, Tristan Bonnaud had developed skills that now made him a partner in Manton's Investigations, the company his half-brother, Dom, had started. He also had the necessary skill set to be the lead investigator for Zoe. In particular, he had spent time with the Romany, knew their culture, and their language. This would also allow him an excuse to further investigate a private matter from his past. It was logical for him to handle the case, and had nothing to do with a private desire to continue nettling Zoe.

As Tristan spends time on the case, and with Zoe, his desire for her begins to become an obsession - but an obsession that can go nowhere. No matter the scoundrel he was, he knew he could never have her. If the case proved true, she would be forced to marry her cousin. If the case proved false, and she was indeed the true heir, he would never fit into her life. He needed to remind himself of what he would always be - a bastard son with a disreputable past.

In this case, the title says it all. From cover to cover, How the Scoundrel Seduces sizzles readers with a scorching temptation that only a true scoundrel with a truly generous heart can deliver. And does Tristan deliver. Zoe might desire the scoundrel, but her head knows that her cousin would be the safe bet - for her future, and her heart. Luckily for her, she must continue to work with Tristan on the case, and Tristan can barely stop from succumbing to the lure that is between them. And all too soon, Zoe cannot.

How the Scoundrel Seduces continues the Duke's Men storyline. Even better, it includes the engaging characters that have already been introduced and more than hints at Dom's story. Which, luckily for readers, is next.

Kathy Andrico -


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