Erin McCarthy


"To me the perfect place to write is on the couch, in the sun, with a Diet Coke and my iPod remote in reach. I find the couch very inspiring. ;-) "

Erin in New Orlean's French Quarter, on the corner of Royal St. and Pirate's Alley.

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Non-Series Titles

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User Friendly**A Best Friends Romance!**
Winning Truth (no review at present)
You, Actually**A Best Friends Romance!**

The Bowling Friends Series

#1 - Hard Drive
#2 - Mouth To Mouth (no review at present)
#3 - Fuzzy Logic
#4 - Lady of the Lake (no review at present)
#5 - It's About Time

Fast Track Series

#1 - Flat-Out Sexy
#2 - Hard And Fast (no review at present)
#3 - Hot Finish
#4 - The Chase
#5 - Take Me Home**A Best Friends Romance!**

FBI Agents, Chicago Field Office Series

#1 - Smart Mouth
#2 - Miss Extreme Congeniality (no review at present)
#3 - Snowed Under (no review at present)

Florida Doctors Series

#1 - Blue Crush (no review at present)
#2 - Houston, We Have A Problem

Las Vegas Vampires Series

#1 - High Stakes
#2 - Bit The Jackpot
#3 - Bled Dry
#4 - Sucker Bet

New York Girlfriends Series

#1 - The Pregnancy Test
#2 - You Don't Know Jack (no review at present)

Ohio's Most Haunted Town Series

#1 - A Date With the Other Side
#2 - Heiress For Hire