Press Any Key

Short Story in Bad Boys Online Anthology

By Erin McCarthy

Brava - September 2003

Contemporary Romance

Candy Appleton. Who would actually name their daughter Candy Appleton? That was the question Jared Kincaid often wondered when he saw the sexy, flirty co-worker. Also, how did her mother know that she would grow into a woman to fit that name? She was everything he tried to avoid. He did not need an office relationship. But then their boss decides that the two of them need to participate in an online counseling session.

Candy never understood why Jared had such an aversion to her. She had been attracted to him, but he never showed her any interest. Now she had the perfect opportunity to use all her feminine wiles to try to stimulate his interest. Flirting may be something she knew and did, but she was not a tease. Perhaps while the two of them got to know each other through the questionnaire, Jared would learn that she was the perfect mate for him.

Erin McCarthy is a new author who was the first finalist in Lori Foster's online writing contests to discover new authors. Erin's first publication is an anthology of 3 romances which introduce new (sexy) meanings to everyday computer jargon. This author is a new star that will quickly rise.

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