Bit The Jackpot

Las Vegas Vampires - Book 2

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley - December 2006

Vampire Romance

Calm, controlled, make sure all rules are followed, and abstinence. That pretty much summed up Seamus Fox's life. As campaign manager for the reelection of his friend Ethan, president of the vampires, Seamus was also under a lot of scrutiny and needed to follow the rules. Well, except the no sex. That one he added courtesy of a woman who had betrayed him centuries before. Entering a strip club in order to get some information, and seeing the shadow of the woman dancing, Seamus decides it was time to erase the last item on that list.

Cara Kim was a prude - at least to stripper standards. She hid her identity and could pretend she was alone by dancing behind a curtain. She was here only for the money, and not for any extracurricular activities. Try telling the hunk of a guy who sought her out after her dance. And for that matter, how did he manage to get past the bouncers?

Seamus should have known pursuing a woman was bad karma for him, and after two centuries, nothing had changed. After getting rejected, he is attacked, another vampire under his protection is attacked, and now he is also responsible for Cara. Assassins are after them, and he'll make sure they are protected. For Cara, that means she is practically kidnapped and held against her wishes. Granted she's in a lavish hotel suite, all her pets have joined her, and it is for her own protection. If only her captor would be less high-handed.

I would recommend reading High Stakes before this story. It helps with understanding the background on the political intrigue, and of all the characters, both friend and foe. I was so excited to read Bit the Jackpot, knowing that Erin McCarthy's signature humor would again be present, and I was not disappointed. The characters are fantastic, and I anxiously await Bled Dry which is coming in May. My only disappointment is not knowing whether or not this series will continue past a trilogy.

Kathy Andrico -