Fuzzy Logic

The Bowling Friends Series - Book 3

Short Story in Bad Boys Over Easy Anthology

By Erin McCarthy

Brava - April 2005

Contemporary Romance

It had all happened innocently enough. Lucas Manning had found the box with his mail, and hadn't checked to see if it had been delivered correctly. But once he opened it up, and found out what was inside, he knew it wasn't something he ordered - especially not twelve of them. When he realized that it was addressed to Ashley Andrews, Lucas's logical mind still couldn't figure out what she'd need twelve for. And with a mind as analytical as Lucas's was, and as in lust, and love, as he was for Ashley, Lucas decided to find out exactly why she had ordered twelve.

Ashley had realized that she needed to earn some extra cash to pay off her debts, so she had decided to be a Pleasure Party consultant. Nervous before her debut party, Ashley never expected the arrival of Lucas, her younger brother's best friend. Younger, that was what she had to keep reminding herself as he started inspecting the lotions, and other products she had on display. But as he crowded her around the apartment, when had he gotten so big, Ashley started imagining sampling the different items out with Lucas.

Erin McCarthy is at her best when writing romances between best friends, and Fuzzy Logic definitely fits this category. So blinded by the fact that Lucas is her younger brother's best friend, Ashley tries to fight the attraction she feels for him. But Lucas has logic, and love on his side. What an enjoyable read.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com