Houston, We Have A Problem

Florida Doctors Series - Book 2

By Erin McCarthy

Brava - September 2004

Contemporary Romance

Josie Adkins had a problem. And it was in the form of gorgeous hunk-of-a-surgeon Dr. Houston Hayes. Josie was in her second year of residency and had earned the respect of her fellow colleagues for her talent and efficiency. But whenever Dr. Hayes was near, all control snapped. She dropped things, became a klutz, and babbled. Sexual tension, her best friend called it. Awkward, Josie considered it. And incompetent, she was certain Dr. Hayes considered her.

If Josie bent over one more time to pick up something, Houston Hayes knew that he would act very unprofessionally. He needed to get her out of his system so that he could work beside her and no longer have thoughts of her running through his head. A one night stand... yes, that would be just the answer. It just never occurred to him that he might be looking for a second, or endless nights.

Erin McCarthy is quickly establishing herself as an author of sexy, funny romances with well developed characters and likable heroes and heroines. Not a series per se, this story, however, does contain Dr. Sara Davis. Sara was the heroine from Blue Crush, which was in the anthology Perfect For the Beach.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com