Take Me Home

Fast Track Series - Book 5

Short Story in The Promise of Love Anthology

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley Sensation - June 2011

Contemporary Romance

Six authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Six short stories filled with passion and healing. The Promise of Love is an anthology of six romances written to support a charity.

Sara Parker knew she had made a mess of things. Pregnant. Alone. Not even certain who the father was. But she needed to step up and fix her life. She was going to be a mother soon - and although one potential father would step in and do his part - she couldn't rely on him. She needed to go home.

She needed to go to Travis.

Travis Fenway had always loved Sara, and not just like the best friend Sara considered him to be. Yes, she would always be his best friend, but he wanted her as more. Then she returned, and boy was there more. Pregnant with another man's baby. For some - that might be a stopper - but not for Travis. He loved Sara, and he would love Sara's baby. If only she would accept his love as more than that of a best friend.

Take Me Home is a touching story of forgiveness and love. Sara couldn't believe the choices she'd made, and Travis was the perfect hero teaching her how to accept herself and believe that she wasn't a terrible person. He was willing to fight for her, even if that meant defending her against herself. Fast Track readers will be thrilled to see this happily ever after for Sara.

Included in The Promise of Love are: Shelter From the Storm by Lori Foster, Take Me Home by Erin McCarthy, Razor's Edge by Sylvia Day, Midnight Rendezvous by Jamie Denton, Dime Store Cowboy by Kate Douglas, and Life in the Past Lane by Kathy Love.

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