The Chase

Fast Track Series - Book 4

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley Sensation - April 2011

Contemporary Romance

You can be a top driver in the stock car racing circuit, but you still can't outpace your past. Kendall Holbrook knew that. She may have ended their teen romance, but Evan Monroe was always around. It was hard not to see him when they were both on the same team. But she would try to ignore him, try to remember what a jerk he really was, and never forget her tenuous position as a female stock car driver.

Evan Monroe was tired of the way Kendall treated him. It wasn't as if he had called things quit between them, quite the opposite. He never did know why she had cut him out of her life - but that had been her choice. He was having a bad enough season as it was, and her sniping comments only added fuel to the fire.

Then, the unexpected happens. The door to the past is thrown open - and Kendall and Evan have to face their misconceptions, forgiveness, and the possibility of what might have been. This business doesn't allow for any missteps, and both of them have to combat the press, publicity and the track itself now with the possibility of reaching the finish line together.

The Chase was a sexy fast paced reunion romance that will leave readers rooting for more. The Fast Track books promise engaging characters that are simply a treat to revisit. This was no exception. Evan, the brother of Elec from Flat-Out Sexy, has a decision to make - will he allow a misunderstanding from ten years prior to stop the potential of a relationship now. Kendall, however, has more difficulties. She is breaking into a male dominated profession, and she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She recognizes her personal failures, but she continues to make the same mistakes. Luckily for her, Evan's dedication that landed him as a top driver isn't limited to the track. And even luckier for readers, there is a teaser at the end of the book which promises that we will be returning to the Fast Track again.

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