High Stakes

Las Vegas Vampires - Book 1

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley - August 2006

Vampire Romance

Alexis Baldizzi was going to save her sister Brittany who had been kidnapped by and was now living with a rich casino owner. There was no way Brittany had gone there on her own, and she was simply too trusting. Brit had no intentions of leaving, she felt that she could save the vampires who lived there. Great, to Alexis that meant Brittany had been brainwashed. Ethan Carrick realized he could blame all the problems associated with having Brittany and her "here to the rescue" sister Alexis on his campaign manager's brilliant idea to save his re-election campaign.

Ethan had lived nearly a millennium without all the problems he'd had in the past few weeks. He'd agreed with Seamus that a relationship with Brittany could help the campaign, but it only took a few moments, and thought reading, to know that it was a wasted effort. He couldn't mislead Brittany that way. She was too open, honest, and sincere to hurt in such a manner. The arrival of her fiery sister Alexis garnered Ethan's interest and he quickly had to control the lengthening of his fangs. After all, it wasn't good politics to bite at first sight.

Alexis knew she had to protect her sister - at any cost. So she agreed to take Brittany's place at Ethan's side during his campaign. After Ethan is attacked, Alexis finds herself knee deep in vampire politics. Yes, he is a vampire. No, calling in the authorities would NOT be a good idea. Keeping Brittany as far away as possible, another good idea. Rolling around in the coffin with the vamp in the suite next door? The pros and cons of that idea were still up for debate.

Thank you Erin McCarthy for entering the paranormal genre. Now we have the great McCarthy humor in a vampire romance that made this reader laugh out loud more than once. Ms McCarthy infuses such life into each of the characters that the readers can feel as if they knew each of them personally. This story does leave a little bit of the story open, which I am sure Ms McCarthy will resolve in the next two stories. Let's hope she continues this series further than a trilogy!

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com