You, Actually

Short Story in Merry Christmas, Baby Anthology

By Erin McCarthy

Brava - October 2004

Contemporary Romance

Ah, the best laid plans...Josh Black had it all worked out. The main character of his cartoon strip, Jack Block, had been falling in love with his best friend Kristen. Now, Josh was going to present his own best friend, Cassidy, with the strip. It was Christmas, he was in love with her, and hopefully, in the spirit of the season, Cassidy would at least let him down kindly. Best case scenario would play out much differently.

Cassidy St. George was hoping to make the best of her last Christmas with Josh. From the ongoing story in his comic strip, it was obvious Josh himself had fallen in love with someone - a very voluptuous someone. Cassidy had probably been in love with Josh from the first time she saw him. He had helped her through the loss first of her parents, then her grandmother. She wanted one last memory with him, and she would do almost anything to distract him from his grand confession.

Erin McCarthy's quick wit, engaging characters, and well defined storyline make for a perfect short story. From the moment we meet Josh, the reader knows he is a sympathetic hero - both for his enduring love of Cassidy, and his stubborn determination not to let on that he was attacked by a reindeer. And in Cassidy, the reader may find a little of herself - willing to resort to drastic measures to catch the attention of the man she loves. Put together two best friends who love each other, but don't realize that the other loves them in return, and we have a funny, endearing, and all-around enjoyable romance.

Kathy Andrico -