Smart Mouth

FBI Agents, Chicago Field Office Series - Book 1

By Erin McCarthy

Brava - April 2004

Contemporary Romance

A mix-up with his informant, and Derek Knight was in hot water. Hoping to finally break a case on pharmaceutical price-fixing, Derek was supposed to receive an envelope in his rental car. Unfortunately, the informant had put it in another car - a car rented by a disturbingly sexy reporter with distractingly long legs. If he can keep his hands, er mind, off her, then maybe he'll be able to squeak by and salvage his job.

Priding herself on being a strong, independent, woman, Reese Hampton easily defended herself against the maniac who tried to assault her when she got in her rental car. It wasn't until she had given him a good chase, that she learned that he was an agent, and that she did in fact have his envelope. It didn't take an investigative reporter to figure out that she must have something juicy to have an FBI agent chasing her, and she was only a reporter trying to escape the society pages. She knew that this would be her chance. And when Derek shows up demanding his evidence, Reese knew that she would have both her story, and Derek.

Sexy, smart, and funny, Smart Mouth is a fast-paced read that has it all. Reese and Derek are a couple who the reader cares for, and there are secondary characters who enliven the story. Ms. McCarthy is an author worth keeping an eye on.

Kathy Andrico -