A Date With the Other Side

Ohio's Most Haunted Town Series - Book 1

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley - May 2005

Contemporary Paranormal Romance

When Shelby Tucker walked into the bedroom, a supposedly unoccupied bedroom, boy did she get an eyeful. There is a gorgeous man caught in a precarious predicament with the delicate eyelet bedspread on the bed. The fact that a naked man is in this room does not surprise her as much as that it is a live man. After all, Shelby conducts the Haunted Cuttersville Tour. And although she has never seen a ghost...well, that's beside the point.

Boston Macnamara should have known the deal was too good to be true. He was banished to Cuttersville by his boss for unknown reasons, and now he learned that the house he rented was on the Haunted Tour. He wanted to do his penance, and get out of town. He was not a small town kind of guy, but he was sure beginning to appreciate a certain small town kind of girl.

Certain there could only be heartbreak, Boston and Shelby try to stay apart. But there are some human, and, shall we say, former humans who intend to have their own say in the matter.

What all can be said about this book? It is a page turner, that keeps you laughing from start to finish. It has a cast of characters with depth that tug at the readers' heartstrings. It's Erin McCarthy's best yet. Ms McCarthy has left her mark on the paranormal genre. I hope to see more!

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com