The Pregnancy Test

New York Girlfriends - Book 1

By Erin McCarthy

Brava - October 2005

Contemporary Romance

It was amazing how a pink colored stick quickly turned one possibly Mr. Right into Mr. Absolutely Wrong. Mandy Keeling was now single, jobless, in a foreign country, and pregnant. Granted she had lived in the States for years, her family provided a checkbook that could pay for anything, and she had just sold her small business. But she was still single, pregnant, and she desperately wanted to find a job that would provide her the independence to properly take care of her child.

Enter Caroline, one of her best friends. She had set up an interview with the ogre himself. Mandy needed to be presentable, she needed this job, she needed the walls of the elevator to stop spinning - they didn't usually spin did they?

Damien Sharpton didnt know what to make of the lovely lady who wanted to use his coffee cup in case she got sick, refused to leave the elevator because any movement made her sick, and referred to him as an ogre. Granted, she hadn't known who he was when she stated that, but it was when she described the person who was going to interview her as an ogre who had scared away all his previous assistants that he knew she was referring to himself. He was aggressive in business and he was impatient with ineptitude. But Damien hadn't considered himself as being quite that bad. Perhaps he had cut himself off from personal relationships a little too much.

He hadn't always been this way, and soon, with Mandy's influence, Damien started to realize he wanted to change who he was. He had become more spontaneous, such as asking her to come with him to the Caribbean. Business only, he assured her. Long sunny days, sitting on the beach, Mandy in a bikini - business only, yeah right.

Erin McCarthy has a knack for writing romantic comedies that will make the reader laugh out loud - I sure do. The story is alive with characters that will engage the reader's interest and compassion. Ms McCarthy has quickly turned into a Must Read Author!

Kathy Andrico -