Flat-Out Sexy

Fast Track Series - Book 1

By Erin McCarthy

Berkley Sensation - November 2008

Contemporary Romance

There were many reasons Tamara Briggs shouldn't see Elec Monroe, but every one of them would fly out of her head whenever he would look at her, or talk to her. It started the first time she saw him at a party before a race. He looked at her as if he found her sexy, and Tamara was more than willing to let him stroke her ego.

But that was all it could be. There were too many complications - the most important being her children. She was also older, a widow whose husband had died racing. She didn't mind the sport, but she didn't want to get involved with another racer, especially a younger racer who could only be interested in a temporary fling with her.

Elec couldn't explain his feelings, but he knew that he wanted Tamara. Sure she was older, but her maturity and care for her children only reinforced his certainty that Tamara was an exceptional woman. He was even willing to hide their relationship from her family, children and media. He just knew that he would do about anything for more time with Tamara.

Flat-Out Sexy was a delight to read. I adored Elec. He was the perfect hero - so earnest in his care and eventual love for Tamara. He simply saw Tamara as the wonderful sexy woman that she was, stretch marks and all. Tamara was just the type of heroine most women readers can relate to - uncertain how a sexy, successful man like Elec, who can have any hot younger woman, could be interested in a slightly older woman with what she considered physical imperfections. They were perfect for each other, and Ms McCarthy expertly brought them together resolving their issues. I eagerly await the next story in this series.

The cover is sexy. The hero is sexy. The story is sexy. Everything about this book, including the title, is flat-out sexy. That is why I am selecting this story for a Reader's Choice Award for The Road To Romance Review site.

Kathy Andrico - RoadToRomance.ca